Overall, the Committee is responsible for the "corporate" side of the Troop. The Committee pays bills, sets policy and takes care of the "business end" of the things, doing whatever may be necessary to facilitate Troop activities.

The relationship between the Committee and the other components of Scouting can best be described with the following chart:

National Council
Boy Scouts of America
National Region
Boy Scouts of America
Local Council
S.W. Florida Council
(Ft. Meyers)
Local District
Two Rivers District
(Sarasota County)
Chartered Organization
St. John's U.M. Church
Troop Committee
Troop 23
Troop 23


The Troop Committee is responsible for providing guidance to the leaders, paying bills, organizing fund raisers, etc. The Committee is organized as follows:


This adult provides general oversight at parent and committee meetings, and provides direction and coordination between the Scoutmaster and the parents.


The secretary records minutes of each communities meeting and is responsible for their distribution.


Self-explanatory .Each month at the committee meeting the treasurer presents a written and verbal report of the Troop financial status. Some troop decisions are made based on funds available.


This adult arranges for transportation to and from various Troop activities. These range from local and state to interstate. Some may require an overnight or longer stay with the Troop. A completed tour permit must be submitted to the Council office two weeks in advance of any trip. Much of the work of this position can be done by phone or during a few minutes before or after a Troop meeting .


All Scouts should help pay their way in Scouting. Fund raising activities help to do this and help to give the Scout a sense of the value of money. The Fund Raising Director generates ideas for raising money and provides general overall coordination and logistical support. Scouts provide the manpower during any fund raising activity. Funds are used to purchase and maintain Troop equipment, to offset the costs of specific activities, pay for advancement awards, etc. This position is rotated among adult leaders as specific fund raising opportunities appear.


This person maintains a record of individual Scout advancement. These records are updated a minimum of once per month, following the PLC and Board of Review meetings. This position is responsible for notifying the Scoutmaster of the advancement needs of the Troop so that he can arrange for a program to meet those needs. This person may be an Assistant Scoutmaster .

Other positions may be created from time to time as the needs of the Troop and Committee dictate.

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