Scout participation is expected at all troop meetings, fund raisers and service projects. Participation in various "fun" activities is optional, but often necessary for rank advancement. Poor attendance at troop meetings, fund raisers and service projects may disqualify a Scout from attending "fun". activities. Any time a Scout is going to be absent from a regular meeting he is expected to notify his Patrol Leader (NOT THE SCOUTMASTER) who will in turn report to the Scoutmaster at the meeting .

All Scouts and adults who are going to participate in an activity are expected to be present at the Monday night meeting prior to the activity .This is necessary to review equipment needs, schedules, menus and collect necessary fees for the outing. A signed permission is required for each activity which is not a regularly scheduled Monday night troop meeting. All permission slips have a returned to the Troop by the date indicated -failure to do so will prevent the Scout from attending the function.

Attendance at a minimum of 75% of the Troop meetings is necessary to be eligible to attend Troop outings.

Remember: great deal of information is available at Troop meetings. Scouts who miss meetings are responsible for getting this information from their Patrol Leader .

Please see the attached "Conduct and Behavior" for additional information on attendance.


If dues are not kept current a Scout will not be allowed to receive merit badges, rank advancement or participate in scheduled activities. Should there be extenuating circumstances causing a Scout difficulty in meeting his dues obligations he or his parent guardian should speak to the Scoutmaster privately. If the Scoutmaster is aware of the difficulties he can make accommodations.

Dues are used to pay for advancement awards, registration, insurance, equipment repair/replacement and some limited activities when possible. Generally, we find it necessary to conduct fund raising activities to properly fund anything beyond awards and registration.

Troop dues are collected as follows:

               $25.00 Initial equipment fee for each scout joining Troop 23.

               $50.00 Annual dues payable in two installments of $25.00 each
                in September and January , or a single payment if preferred.
                Dues will be prorated for boys joining in mid year.

               $19.00 BSA registration fee (effective January I. 2003). This fee is
                set by the National Council.


The cost of normal Troop activities (camp outs, food. day trips, etc.) will be paid for from funds collected for each activity .Troop general funds may be used for some activity expenses. A typical weekend camp out may cost $5.00 to $15.00. This will vary depending on campground fees, special activities, menu and total distance traveled. More expensive trips ("High Adventure" and summer camp) may be considerably more expensive and may be supplemented from Troop general funds. A Scout should not be denied the ability to attend an activity because of cost alone. Should there be a cost consideration. please discuss the matter with the Scoutmaster in advance.


The Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization. Scouts are expected to be in uniform at all times, unless specifically told otherwise. Different uniforms may be permitted at different activities. The uniforms are described as follows:

               Troop Class " A " Uniform: Tan Scout button shirt with applicable rank insignia and
                appropriate patches. Scout shorts with knee socks or long pants and a BSA belt and buckle,
               Scout Handbook, pen or pencil and writing paper. No neckerchief is worn.

               Class "B" Uniform: As above, but with a Troop 23 tee shirt instead of the Class "A" shirt.

               Class "C" Uniform: Troop 23 tee shirt and any type shorts or long pants.

               Venture Patrol Uniform: For those Scouts who are members of the Venture Patrol, an
                optional uniform has been adopted which consists of trousers, a pullover shirt
                (in the appropriate color with the approved emblem) and socks and belt as adopted by the
                Patrol members. This may be worn at regular meetings in lieu of the Troop Class " A "                             uniform.

Every Scout is required to have affixed to his uniform those insignia and patches he has earned and is entitled to wear. All badges must be neatly: sewn / glued onto the uniforms. Scouts who have held leadership positions may keep their leadership patches, but must remove them from their uniform upon expiration of their term in office.

All Scouts are required to have a Scout Handbook, pen or pencil and writing paper at all times. This is considered part of the uniform.

The only adults required to have a uniform are the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.

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