Each patrol is assigned tents, cooking equipment and other gear which are the Patrol's responsibility.

All tents and other equipment are to be thoroughly cleaned by the Patrol members and inspected by the Troop and Patrol Quartermaster before packing.

All tents will be thoroughly dry before packing. If this is not possible on a camp out, tents will be dried as soon as possible and repacked.

Patrol tents will be set up next to each other in an orderly fashion as described in the Boy Scout Handbook. Members of the same Patrol shall share adjacent tents. Generally there will be two Scouts per tent.

No tent will be set up near a fire and no fires or lit objects (such as candles) are permitted at any time inside a tent. Look in the Scout Handbook to verify safe conditions for your situation.

No two tents shall be tied together - each tent shall stand on its own.

There will be camp site inspections during campouts. It is the responsibility of each Scout to maintain a clean camp site, patrol area and his individual tent area.

No food, drinks, candy, open names, etc. are permitted within the tents. Two violations of this rule will resulting a Scout not being permitted to attend campouts.

Any Troop equipment taken home by a Scout for cleaning, drying or other purpose shall be that Scout's responsibility and shall returned at the following Troop meeting. Any such equipment must be signed for by the Scout. If equipment is not returned by the following meeting, the Scout will be charged for the replacement cost of the equipment.

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